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Do you want to live a better life and build a better business? What if you could gather several of today’s top speakers, best-selling authors and thought leaders in one place and ask for their best advice to help you do just that in 2013 (and beyond)? And what if they would give you that […]

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How To Win In The Collaboration Economy


Eric Lowitt, author of The Future of Value, returns with Robert Thompson and Mike Neiss with new insights from his soon-to-be-released book, The Collaboration Economy. Lowitt explains that the challenges companies face today are too big to tackle alone. For instance Coca-Cola would not be “the real thing” or anything without access to clean fresh, water. His new book offers a new framework and tools for business leaders to successfully partner with others. Become an “orchestrator.” Learn the difference between the “waste economy” and the “collaboration economy.” Thought Grenades is live Mondays at 10 a.m. Pacific. Or, catch the show here Read on author’s site…

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Lead Out Loud, Engage Others And Create The Future


Terry Pearce, author of the ground-breaking, best-selling book, Leading Out Loud, joins Robert Thompson and Mike Neiss to share insights from his latest edition. Filled with inspiring information, this new edition helps us generate a Personal Leadership Communication Guide allowing us to engage others at a deep level creating the future for ourselves as well as our organizations. Randy Komisar of Kleiner, Perkins Caulfield and Byers says that Leading Out Loud helps us know who we are and find ways to express ourselves to become true leaders. Listen and learn why deep personal awareness is the key to leadership communication. We Read on author’s site…

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Leaders Climb Using Awareness, Acceptance And Abundance


Paul Heagen, co-author of The Leader’s Climb, joins Robert Thompson and Mike Neiss to share insights from his tale of rising to the new leadership challenge. One of the key premises of the book is that to go faster, we must first slow down. In today’s blistering pace of business, that seems more than contrarian. Heagen acknowledges the contradiction, but insists that the solution is in more Awareness, Acceptance and Abundance. Listen and learn. Catch Thought Grenades live Mondays at 10 a.m. Pacific or subscribe on iTunes.

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Trends And Tools For Career Success

Bus Boot Camp

Ed Reilly, CEO of the American Management Association, joins Robert Thompson and Mike Neiss to share insights from the new AMA Business Boot Camp book presenting the knowledge and tools necessary to build careers and help businesses thrive in a world of constant change. What are the trends that will shape the workplace in the coming year and beyond? How is the role of the manager evolving? Listen and learn. Thought Grenades is live on Mondays at 10 a.m. Pacific. Subscribe on iTunes to keep us in your pocket or purse and listen on the go.

Listen to <a target=_blank Read on author’s site…

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WATCH: Jill Konrath on Using LinkedIn Updates to Increase Visibility and Credibility

LinkedIn Updates

How often do you use LinkedIn updates? Most people I ask say seldom or even never. And the reason they don’t is because they don’t have a clue why it matters.

Here’s the deal. Every time you issue a LinkedIn update, everyone you’re connected to can see it in on their LinkedIn home page. It’s a way to stay in front of your prospects and customers. But, you have to be smart about it and focus on what matters to them. Seriously. Don’t pitch your products, sell your services or use any form of hyperbole.

The best Read on author’s site…

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FREE eBook: LinkedIn Sales Secrets Revealed

LinkedIn for Sales

Check out these actual stories of how top sellers leverage LinkedIn to get more business. You’ll discover how:

  • Robbie won a $500,000 contract after being told he had no chance.
  • Thomas generates 58% of his revenue via LinkedIn groups.
  • Jill R. gets big payoffs from her thought leadership strategies.
  • and much more…

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You’ll also get access to lots of good resources to help you leverage LinkedIn more effectively.

Read on author’s site…

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[VIDEO] 5 Ways to Build Your LinkedIn Personal Brand With SlideShare

LinkedIn SlideShare

If you haven’t used SlideShare on your LinkedIn profile yet, you’re missing a real opportunity to upgrade your online personal brand. What’s SlideShare? It’s a program that let’s you share PDF files, PowerPoint presentations and even videos with others.

This turns your flat LinkedIn profile into a multi-media bonanza of great information that can showcase your company or personal expertise and value. Your prospects are checking you out online and you want to have the best possible LinkedIn personal brand.

Here are 5 ways to build your LinkedIn profile using SlideShare:

  1. Case studies: Does your company have Read on author’s site…
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Top Seller LinkedIn Strategy: Monitor Customer Job Changes

LinkedIn Strategy

In Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code, which highlights the results of our 2013 Sales & LinkedIn survey, we discovered that top sellers had significantly more LinkedIn connections with their customers than everyone else.

That’s a huge difference. And here’s an even starker contrast. If you look at the 55% of survey respondents who never generated an opportunity via LinkedIn, they’re only connected to 9.8% of their customers. Mmmm. Do you think being connected to customers might matter?

One LinkedIn strategy that top sellers use is getting alerts when a customer or prospect changes jobs. Read on author’s site…

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How To Balance Your Business/Life Connection


James Cusumano, author of Balance…The Business/Life Connection joins Robert Thompson and Mike Neiss this week to share insights from his new book. Deepak Chopra says Balance is a wonderful reminder of how gratitude and creativity can help us all overcome life’s challenges and find our purpose. Jim walks us through his incredibly interesting career path and shares how you too can still launch a life worth living by finding and pursuing your passion. From his seven-step plan for business success to what he calls Inspired Leadership to the Four Questions to discovering your true Balance, you’ll enjoy today’s Thought Grenades Read on author’s site…

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WATCH: Jill Konrath on The Ultimate Sales Pitch

sales pitch

What makes a good sales pitch? If you’re selling to the corporate market, let me be frank with you. Nothing in the whole wide world makes a good sales pitch.

Corporate decision makers despise pitches. Everyone who meets with them spouts out platitudes about how wonderful their companies are, how incredible their technology is or how passionate they are about customer service. Or, they babble on and on about their unique methodology and amazing credentials.

When you have the opportunity to meet with a corporate decision maker, remember that a pitch is like the plague. They’ll run from you as fast Read on author’s site…

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